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You are looking for original music that perfectly fit your film’s genre and aesthetic as well as your vision? You are at the right place!

My services include my strategy, my expertise, my talent, as well as my knowledge and abilities, and they will be involved in all the aspects of the creation of the musical track of your film. I am an experienced composer often awarded in international composition competitions. Indeed, as well as composing for film, I also compose for concert in a very narrative and dramatic style that can easily adapt to the cinematographic art.

I offer a client and scenario-centric service, in order to compose a musical track fitting perfectly to the specificity of your film, as well as providing an awesome sensory experience for the audience.

I can work closely with you and your team. It is very important to me to have an excellent communication with the director or producer during the whole process to achieve a very high level of satisfaction.


Before I start the musical track of your film, we will meet to identify your expectations, the strategy and the musical needs for your film.

Then ... magic starts!

  • I will start the composition of the music for your film. It will be split in cues that will first be delivered individually and progressively to give you the possibility to listen to it, comment and ask for modification sooner. Thus, you will always be able to follow the progression of the work;


  • Each cue will be composed, orchestrated and mixed. If we have decided to record the music, we will book a recording session and you will be invited to attend;


  • Thus, the music will be wholly produced and ready to be included in the film;


  • Each cue will be delivered in stereo mix, as well as stems. Thus, you will be able to take the whole music or just part of it for your final audio edition;


My clients are invited to communicate with me as often as needed to request changes or to make some comments. The faster I get the requests, the faster I can make them.

I will work on your film as if it was mine. I will use all my expertise, and my motivation in order to make us create a masterpiece.

Are you ready? Excellent!

You just have to book a phone call right now, and we will start to talk about the musical needs of your film.

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