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A very personal and unique music composed to perfectly FIT YOUR VISION and your film's dramatic needs


Nearly 15 years of experience in composition in a NARRATIVE and DRAMATIC STYLE, enhancing the EMOTIONAL IMPACT of your film.


Composition, orchestration, MIDI orchestration and mixing: A COMPLETE MUSICAL PRODUCTION for your film!

Latest Projects

Faded Poncer

Danny and the Wild Bunch

Alternative music composed by Olivier Gagnon 

for the International Film Music Composition of the Zurich Film Festival

Featured Music

Alternate music composed by Olivier Gagnon

for the International Film Music Composition of the Zurich Film Festival


Faded Poncer

“I collaborated with Olivier Gagnon for my film "Keep Painting, Mom" ​​and everything was great, Olivier is very professional and exceeded our expectations for the production of our music. We definitely recommend him!ˮ

Héloïse Magny - Director and 3D Artist



Olivier Gagnon is a composer based in Montreal, Canada. During his 15 years of experience in composition, his music was performed in many countries. He was also awarded many prizes in international composition competition. Among those, he received the first prize of the International Antonín Dvořák and the prize for the wind symphony section of the Concorso internazionale di composizione "Romualdo Marenco".


All these experiences led him to intensively develop a narrative and dramatic musical style that perfectly fits the needs of films of different genres. Thanks to his experience as a contemporary music composer he developed expertise for orchestral music as well as composition for horror, thriller and suspense films.


Olivier is very dedicated to the project he is involved with and is also very mindful of the vision of the directors and to the dramatic needs of the scenarios of the films he is working on. This commitment to the project and the director's needs makes him very valuable for the artists he is working with.

Additional to his experience as a composer, he conducted a doctoral research on the perception of emotions in music. This makes him an expert to adapt music to the different dramatic and emotional situations of the films he is involved on, by proposing a music that perfectly supports the scenarios, as well as enhancing the experience and immersion of the audience making his services so unique.



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